Most time Insomnia and High Blood Pressure are connected.

By Integrative and complementary medicine, it is kidney, liver, and spleen function disorder [individually or together] Cause High Blood Pressure. So, Insomnia and High Blood Pressure are used to happen together.

[Editor’s Note: we believe High blood pressure is way the human being body self-protection that can make sure blood circulation continuing.]

it is not wise to try to lower down any high blood pressure. Unless it may bring the grave danger of life, maybe it is better to find the reason caused high blood pressure first, then see reasonable Holistic Health solution to make the blood Pressure restored to health level.

Unfortunately, now most Doctor Standard Operation Procedure is to write a prescription to make the blood pressure lower down; and they did not pay much attention to the reasons that cause the high blood pressure.

Moreover, most Blood Pressure Pill may have a side effect to make LDL higher and HDL lower, and another side effect. You should pay much attention to how Blood Pressure Pill may affect your cholesterol, and work with your medical practitioner to find out the best solution for you.

For example:

Beta-blockers: your cholesterol level may have nothing in two weeks after taking Beta-blockers; however, you may see Cholesterol level become higher after two months.

Diuretics: even small doses may make Cholesterol higher in a short time.[ Refer: Metabolic Syndrome? HealnCure, (accessed September 20, 2016).]