“How can I make my hair extensions last?” It’s one of the most common questions most stylists get from their clients, and for good reason. When clients spring for Remy hair extensions – 100% real human hair – they want to get the most out of their investment.

Keep in mind that some of these tips are actually discussion opportunities to have with your clients before they choose their extensions.

Tip #1: Choose the Highest Quality You can Afford

Hair extensions range from cheap, synthetic, clip-in varieties suitable for a night out on the town, to the highest quality, human hair professionally applied and meant to last for six months or longer. Ensuring you get the most life out of extensions starts with choosing the highest quality you can afford.

Tip #2: Chemical Processes Shorten Life

While Remy hair extensions can be colored or permed to match their own hair, clients should understand that this can shorten the life of the extensions because they require more maintenance, including regular color and perming. Just as with natural hair, chemicals can dry out and damage hair if it’s not properly maintained. This doesn’t mean clients should be discouraged from chemically processed extensions, but as a stylist you can help them find the best color and texture match from the start to reduce the need for extra processing.

Tip #3: Longer Extensions Require More Maintenance

The longer the extension, the more meticulous maintenance it requires. From the way it is applied, to the way it is washed, brushed and styled, longer hair simply requires extra care. You can lay a good groundwork by choosing the best application method for your client’s particular need, and teaching her exactly how to care for the extensions at home.

Tip #4: Proper Home Care is Key

The highest quality extensions applied by the most experienced technician will only last long if they are properly cared for at home. While Remy extensions made of real human hair can technically be washed, conditioned, brushed and styled the same as natural hair, clients need to remember that the bottom line is that they still have extra hair attached to their natural hair by some sort of bond. Tangles, damage, loose bonds, botched home color jobs – these problems can all arise without using some common sense and following the home care tips provided by professionals.

When your clients ask how to get the most life out of their hair extensions, start by recommending the highest quality Remy hair they can afford, then do a thorough job helping them understand what factors affect longevity and how to care for their hair extensions at home.

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